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At Titan, we understand the expectations to ensure that your project performs to the highest standards. Titan Roof Systems’ roofing products will give you that assurance. Titan Old World Slate, Titan Slate, Titan Shake, and Titan Old World Spanish A4 carry a Class A fire rating and Class 4 hail impact rating.

Titan Old World Spanish and Titan Old World Spanish A4 are the only tried and tested composite Spanish tiles on the market. Titan Old World Spanish has a Class 4 impact rating and Class C fire rating. All of Titan’s products carry a 50 year limited warranty.

Titan Roof System products will give you the realistic, natural appearance of slate, shake or clay tile that is so vital in building design, yet they afford the flexibility of working with a light weight composite that does not require additional structural support to accommodate the extreme weight of slate, shake or clay. The multi-colored offerings allow for a unique look you can only get with Titan Roof Systems.

All of Titan's roofing products are fully sustainable. This feature grows ever more important as savvy consumers seek ways to positively affect the environment. In addition, Titan offers the only white composite tile on the market. With its smooth surface, Titan Old World Spanish A4 tile offers a high degree of reflectivity, counteracting the concern of cities seeking respite from increasing temperatures.

Titan Roof Systems roofing products have the elegance and durability to grace any structure, commercial or residential.

Titan Roof Systems

Titan Roof Systems

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