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Nothing says alluring more than an architecturally beautiful roof on a building. Titan Roof Systems can give your development the curb appeal that will attract interest.

High end roofing products have always provided an upscale attractiveness to buildings whether commercial or residential. Titan Old World Spanish and the double roman profile Old World Spanish A4 truly replicate clay tile. Titan Old World Slate which has a 1" thick profile rivals the most expensive quarried slate, and Titan Shake outperforms any cedar shake on the market.

Realistic appearance is just the beginning. Due to the lightweight design of Titan’s composite products, there is no need for costly additional substructure to support the extreme weight of quarried slate, clay tile or cedar shake. Our durable products are Class 4 hail impact rated, the highest in the industry, and Class A or C fire rated. They also are installer friendly, costing less to install than their heavier competition.

Titan Roof Systems products are fully sustainable which could help with LEED classification. What a great selling point, an environmentally friendly roof. Titan also has the only white composite tile on the market. The white Old World Spanish A4 tile offers reflectivity against the sun’s radiant heat, especially beneficial in warm climates and cities.

Titan can make your development stand out in the crowd with beautiful roofs that require little to no maintenance and are supported with a 50 year limited warranty.

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