Frequently Asked Questions


1. What makes Titan's roof tile better than other composite roofing?

There are several important areas that distinguish Titan from the competition. First, Titan Roof Systems offers the only tested and tried composite Spanish profile tile on the market. In addition, Titan’s multi-coloring offerings are unrivaled in the composite roofing industry, and all of Titan’s products are Class 4 impact rated- the highest in the industry. Titan’s roofing products are also fully recyclable; other products on the market are not. And, Titan Old World Slate and Titan Shake have a thickness twice that of any other composite product on the market, and our surface detail is taken from natural products for an authentic appearance. They are not machined with a fake look.

2. Why choose composite roofing?

Composite roofing weighs less than clay, concrete, or slate. Therefore, there is no need for additional structural support when roofing with composite products. Since Titan Mfg. uses recycled material, our composite products save the environment. In addition, energy is not being wasted mining slate, extracting clay or harvesting trees. Composite roofing is more durable and aesthetically pleasing than asphalt shingles. Our products are noted for high performance and longevity.

3. Are Titan Roof Systems fully sustainable?

Yes. Titan Mfg. prides itself on the use of recycled materials in their products. Titan’s roofing products are also fully recyclable; keeping used building materials out of landfills.

4. Have Titan’s roofing products been tested?

Yes. Titan uses accredited labs for all of the required and additional product testing. All of Titan’s products are Class 4 impact tested. Most of the products are also available in Class A fire. These are the industry’s highest requirements. Class C fire products are available for those consumers who do not need the Class A rating. Most of the ratings are achieved over standard underlayments, unlike the competition which require special costly underlayment systems to reach their test levels.

5. Does Titan offer different colors?

Yes. Titan cannot only meet your solid color needs, but we have a revolutionary multi-coloring process that allows for each Spanish tile, slate or shake to have a blend of colors with coloration through the entire tile, not only on the surface. This allows the look of the product to seem authentic and the color flows verses looking solid and giving that plastic feel.

6. How does Titan Shake compare to cedar shake roofing?

Titan Shake comes in three different widths and varies in thickness from 5/8” to 7/8”, the thickest on the market, giving it the appearance of hand split cedar shake. It is available in solid colors or three multi-color blends, and since there is no breakage, it is more economical to install.

7. Do Titan’s Slate Roofing profiles look like natural slate?

Yes. Our slate images are taken off of real slate and do not have that machined look like our competition. Titan Roof Systems offers two distinct slate roofing products. Titan Old World Slate is 1” thick, making it the thickest composite slate product on the market, offering the aesthetics of expensive quarried slate. Titan Old World Slate is twice the thickness of our nearest competitor and we exceed them in looks and performance. Titan Slate is a thinner product for those consumers looking for a different look. Both products are available in multi-colored or solids.

8. Are Titan’s Spanish Tile, Slate or Cedar Shake heavy?

No. Titan’s Old World Spanish A4 tile is one of the lightest composite tile available and is actually lighter than many asphalt roofs. Titan Old World Slate, Titan Slate and Titan Shake minimize weight but do not compromise stability. All of Titan’s products can be installed over standard trusses.

9. Is there a possibility that the cavity back will show when the roof is installed?

No. Titan offers a solid tile accessory to be used in valleys and along gables to give the authentic look of slate or shake. The solid tile accessory makes installation easier as the installer is not trying to arrange different sized pieces to assure a full tile ends at the valley or gable. This adds to the realistic look of the roof. With our unique material we are the only company that can offer the solid accessories.

10. Is Titan’s roof tile suitable for all climates?

Yes. Titan Mfg. Roofing Products can withstand freeze/thaw cycles, as well as extreme heat. They are also resistant to mold as they will not absorb water. And feel free to gun nail them in the cold. Try that with our competition and you better be wearing safety glasses.

11. How are Titan Mfg. products installed?

Titan Mfg. products are installed using standard industry practices. No special tools are required. Because our products are lightweight, there is no need for costly additional structural support of accommodate the extreme weight of clay, concrete or slate. And yes they are gun nailable.

12. Can a Titan roof system be installed over an existing roof?

As with any roofing product, the best procedure to use when re-roofing is to tear off the existing roof and use industry approved underlayments to assure the best performance over the life span of the roof. But this can be done. It will not affect the material warranty, but it will affect the wind and fire ratings. So usually the benefits of tearing off out weigh going over an existing roof.

13. What do Titan roofing products cost?

Titan’s products will be comparable in cost to other high end roofing such as slate, shake, clay tile, and other composites. The cost savings will be most evident in the installation as Titan roofing is more economical to install and does not require costly additional structural support to accommodate the extreme weight of quarried slate, cedar shake or clay tile. It is a little different in trying to compare Titan to other composite tile. Titan has the following advantages which make it far more attractive than the competition:

  • Titan Old World Slate has a 1” thick profile
  • Titan offers truly multi-colored tile in all of its profiles
  • Titan Shake varies in thickness from 5/8” to 7/8”
  • Titan has the only tested and tried Spanish composite tile
  • Titan products are gun nailable
  • Titan products are recyclable

13. Does Titan calculate the number of squares needed for my project?

No, not usually. Your roofing contractor is the best source for this information. Titan is happy to answer any questions for the installer to assist with the process. If it is needed, we do know individuals who can help as long as you can supply a to-scale drawing.

14. Will the color fade?

Titan’s proprietary material composition includes UV components to assure lasting color and material performance. Plus our color and UV protection is all the way through the product so it cannot wear or peel off like some of our competition’s surface applications.

15. What is the warranty?

Titan Mfg. has a 50 year limited warranty, which is very competitive in the industry.

16. How do I buy Titan products?

You can contact the sales representative that covers the area of the country where you live. Just go to the contact us section and find your representative.

17. Where can I see samples?

You can contact the sales representative for your area for more information. We have many distributors that may already have samples for you to view in your area.

18. Who do I contact for technical information?

Your sales representative will be able to help with technical information.

19. How do I find my sales representative?

Go to the contact page on our web site for a list on sales representatives.

20. Do you have certified installers?

Titan does not have certified installers, however, an installer that has experience with slate, shake or clay tile will be able to install Titan’s roofing products. We also have many installers that are experienced with our products and can help to get you in touch with them. Unlike our competition you do not need to use a certified installer to activate the warranty as long as the installation instructions are followed.

21. What is the life expectancy of Titan’s roofing products?

All of Titan’s products are covered by a 50 year limited warranty. Although all indications are that the products will easily surpass 50 years.

22. Do you have Dade County approval?

Titan roofing products are in the final stages of testing to gain Dade County approval.

23. What is a green roof?

Green means sustainable and durable. Sustainable takes into consideration the burden on the environment as well as the extended life span of the roof. Since Titan uses recycled material and is recyclable, we work to ease the burden on landfills. Titan’s products are very durable and will outlast asphalt, coated roof coverings, and cedar shakes.

23. What is a white roof?

White roofs also known as cool roofs offer a high degree of reflectivity, thus minimizing the amount of radiant heat absorbed by the earth. Titan Old World Spanish A4 is the only white composite tile on the market. One property that helps a roofing material stay cool is how well a material reflects sunlight. Lighter-colored materials, such as white tile, have high reflectance, which keeps heat from entering a building. A roofing material's shape also affects how well it sheds heat. For instance, curved-tile roof systems usually allow air to circulate between tiles, helping remove solar heat.

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