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Green Roofs

Green roofs are the new buzz word in the roofing industry. Consumers are making environmentally conscious decisions to choose "green" roofing systems that will have a positive effect on their lives and on the planet. At first, the term "green roofs" referred to urban flat roof gardens that required water and maintenance, but replaced some of the natural habitat of the area. Since then, the term has become synonymous with any environmentally friendly roofing products. This is where Titan Roofing Systems comes in.

When choosing a green roofing product, it’s important to consider all the options available, as well as your climate, your home’s requirements, and environmental issues. Another concern is re-roofing, which accounts for 78 percent of the total annual roofing dollars spent in the United States. Re-roofing is not only expensive; it is counter green because it can send used roofing materials to landfills, where they can off-gas pollutants and leach toxins into the soil and groundwater. The short life expectancy of some roofing materials counteracts the green push by forcing more re-roofing projects. Titan’s green roof products are a great way to eliminate the need to re-roof. According to Going Green USA, "the construction and maintenance of buildings are responsible for 40% of U.S. energy use and 30% of wood and raw materials use."

Titan Mfg. Roof Systems has ideal products for the discerning consumer interested in going green for their re-roofing project. Titan’s green roofing products are made of lightweight composite material. This proprietary composition assures an extremely durable roof covering that is architecturally attractive, yet will not require additional structural support which can prove not only costly, but requires the use of additional building materials, counter-productive to the green movement.

Green roofs reduce waste. Titan Mfg. roofing products are all fully sustainable. Titan Old World Spanish, Titan Slate, Titan Old World Slate and Titan Shake are made with recycled material and are recyclable, keeping excess material out of the landfills, supporting "green". This reduces landfill content on both ends of the spectrum. Keeping initial materials out, as well as making sure that additional waste is not added.

Titan Mfg’s Old World Spanish roof tile, Old World Spanish A4, Titan Shake, Titan Old World Slate, and Titan Slate all meet the stringent standards of Class 4 impact ratings. This feature significantly reduces the need to re-roof. The roofs will take the hail impact and not break or crack, keeping waste from landfill, thereby promoting green.

Titan Old World Spanish A4 roof tile, Titan Shake, Titan Old World Slate, and Titan Slate carry a Class A fire rating, the highest in the industry. This green feature is achieved over 30 lb. felt, no special underlayment is required. Class A fire rating is invaluable when faced with flying embers from a fire.

Titan’s green roof products are easier and more economical to install than natural slate, clay or concrete tile, or cedar shake. The lightweight composition makes it easier for installers to handle. Solid tile accessory pieces are available in the Old World Slate, Titan Shake and Titan Slate lines to assist installers with gable and labor intensive valley applications. These solid pieces give the profiles a natural appearance.

Another component to the green roof concept is maintenance. Titan Mfg. roofing products require no maintenance. Cedar shakes will crack and rot, requiring maintenance throughout the roof’s life cycle to replace broken pieces. Titan Shake will not crack or rot, backed by a 50 year limited warranty; it will not absorb water and can be washed if necessary. Clay tile and concrete tile will break and crack, requiring annual inspections to replace broken tile. Breakage is very rare with Titan green roofing products.

Green looks at transportation costs to ship roofing systems. Titan’s composite roof products are lightweight and more economical to handle and transport than heavier slate, clay or concrete tile thereby saving fossil fuels and limiting their emissions. With the lightweight design, Titan’s green roof products use less material and are safer to handle than heavier clay or concrete tile.

Green considers the reflection of radiant heat. Titan Old World Spanish A4 roof tile is the only true white composite tile on the market. With its smooth surface, its reflectivity is higher than white asphalt shingles which are rough and are actually gray with a black substrate, or white roof coatings that can weather and get dirty. Tile roofs allow for spacing to permit air flow which can add to the cooling effect for the building thereby adding to the energy efficiency. Tile roofs often have enhanced air circulation compared to other roofing types because ambient air can circulate below as well as above the tile.

Titan Old World Spanish A4 tile and Titan Old World Slate profiles are available in the color green; offering a beautiful color with a beautiful composition for the environment.

Choose the "Green" Roof that best fits your needs.

Barrel Tile

Natural beauty at a fraction of the weight.

Shake Roofing

Natural beauty of cedar shake wood.

Slate Roofing

Classic architectural look of slate.

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