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You are planning your dream home. Or, it could be you are re-roofing your home because your existing roof failed you. Maybe, you want to go “green” or are remodeling your home or putting on an addition. Whichever scenario best fits, one of the most important decisions you will make is your new roof. For the best of all worlds, you need Titan Roof Systems.

Titan Roof Systems roofing products have the elegant, architecturally classic look that will give your home curb appeal. Titan Old World Slate replicates the most expensive quarried slate with a 1" profile. This is the thickest composite slate on the market.

Titan Shake is available in three widths 5", 7" and 12" and varies in thickness from 5/8" to 7/8" giving it the appearance of true hand split cedar shakes. Titan Shake is extremely durable. Your installer will not have to sort through numerous pieces that are broken or cracked.

Titan Roof Systems offers two Spanish profile roof tile. We have the only tried and tested composite Spanish tile on the market. Our double roman profile Old World Spanish A4 is Class A fire rated.

Titan’s roofing products are all Class 4 hail rated. Roofing with Titan may translate into insurance discounts.

All of Titan’s roofing products are available in unique multi-colored blends, as well as solid colors. Each slate, shake or tile has an unrivaled aesthetics that you will not find with any other composite product, and Titan’s roofing products are fully sustainable.

Titan Roof Systems products are backed with a 50 year limited warranty and will give your home the distinctive charm that you, the homeowner, seek.

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