White Roof


White Roofs

White Roofs provide superior reflectivity to increase the Earth’s albedo.

Studies have shown that white roof surfaces offer greater reflectivity, thereby contributing to the albedo of the Earth. In the commercial roofing industry, reflectivity has been the dominant discussion point for several years. The best white roof surfaces are usually smooth and white.

Titan Roof Systems offers the only composite white roof tile on the market. The Old World Spanish A4 tile is one of the lightest composite roof tile available. It’s double roman profile also allows for spacing to permit air flow which can add to the cooling effect for the building thereby adding to the energy efficiency. Tile roofs often have enhanced air circulation compared to other roofing types because ambient air can circulate below as well as above the tile.

Titan’s Old World Spanish A4 tile boasts a Class A fire rating and Class 4 impact rating; these are the highest ratings achievable in the roofing industry. Covering your roof with Old World Spanish A4 white tile offers several advantages over alternative roofing choices. The A4 has a 50 year limited warranty-far superior to asphalt shingles or roof coatings. The A4 roof tiles are colored throughout for lasting performance. Whereas, "white" asphalt shingles are generally gray with a black substrate and have a rough surface, the A4 tile is white and smooth. White roof coatings will weather and become dirty lowering their reflectivity; Titan’s Old World Spanish A4 tile is washable so that it can maintain its high level of performance. In addition, it is architecturally attractive and will add style and elegance to any project.

Titan Old World Spanish A4 is one of the lightest composite roof tile on the market eliminating the need for added structural support. It is easier to install than clay or concrete, and has minimal breakage compared to clay and concrete tile which may break during shipping or installation. This equates to less waste, and it’s more economical to transport.

Titan Old World Spanish A4 tile is fully sustainable. But what does sustainability really mean for building owners, facility managers, contractors, architects, and other specifiers? It means that the design, construction, maintenance, life-cycle impact, adaptive re-use, destruction, and recycling of roofing components must help meet the long-term environmental standards demanded by today’s high-performance buildings.

Today, these trends are creating increased demand for a new class of high-performance roofing systems that can satisfy traditional performance criteria – installed cost, performance and longevity – as well as newer criteria – preservation of the environment, energy efficiency, and life-cycle costs.

White Roof Tile

Each tile is colored throughout.

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